4 reasons why your business is wasting time on social networks

I love social networks as much as any other marketer. They Excel in the creation of brand recognition, spreading viral content, and creating conversation. But the socialmedia marketing is not just Sun and Rainbow for some companies.
I have seen companies that they invest too much time on social networks and get very little reward. There are business owners who invest hours in your socialchannels, instead of the areas in which stand out, and are wondering why you are not seeing a return on your investment.
You can’t spend all day on social media with a business to run! Luckily you can get quite a lot done on your social media channels in just 15 minutes a day.

Today most companies know that social networks are a necessary channel of marketing that deserves your attention. But what do not realize is the following: social network marketing can’t do it all. It is only a slice of the big cake of digital marketing.
You can show hundreds of brands that have obtained the success of a solid social media strategy (for example: teeth whitening, Detox teas) but social network marketing is not all in the marketing.
It can be difficult to determine where you will spend your time with social media marketing. Like all forms of marketing, there are areas that are high impact and othersthat are simply a waste of time.
If you are spending time on social networks and do not see a profit, I‘d like to sharewith you 4 reasons why your business is wasting time on social networks.
You are in too many social networks
How much social media is your business?
Many hours of your day of work have to invest in those channels?
If you don’t have a social network administrator on your computer while keeping everything under control, then it is time to turn down the amount. You are in too many social networks.
Let’s say that you started with a Twitter profile. You shared daily fun content, retuiteaste to clients and responded to comments. Everything was wind aft.
After you registered your business Facebook page. Doubled the amount of comments, content, and comments that you had to attend. Even so, you manejabas it with afew hours a day.
As the ambitious person you are, registered to an account on Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Snapchat-quadrupling effectively your social investment.
This resulted in Miss comments, requests ignored, and now only have time to publish content once a week.
The solution
I‘ll tell you once, a well maintained social network is better than poorly maintained5. If you’re trying to juggle 5 social networks, all will you begin to get out of hand.
With the algorithm changes recently announced on Facebook and Instagram favouring the updates of your friends and family, companies no longer have much scope as before. This means that now you must be even more time for the publication of content if you expect it to reach the homepage of your audience.
Take a look at what social networks are generating the largest number of customersor sales leads for your business, and gradually eliminated that only generate more work.
In each social network you will see the number of clicks you get per week/month.
To check which social network is sending the most traffic to your web site, do the following:
1. go to your Google Analytics and click «Purchase» > «All traffic» and then on theleft side «channels» tab.
2. There you can see which of your favorite digital channels for sending the most traffic to your web site.

3 click on «Social» to get a list of your main social channels.

A common misconception is that not being on all the social networks of the moment is a lost opportunity, but you‘d be doing damage to your business if represents it aprofile with no maintenance.
I recommend widely start with only a page on Facebook for your business. If you find it sustainable to respond to comments and publication of content, then add the second most popular social network to your niche. Want to cover too is a recipe fordisaster.
You are in the wrong social networks
Who is your public goal and in which social networks spend their time?
Know what social networking is your public goal is as much to be effective in networks. Not knowing it is a coup, blindly.
Some social networks are more suitable for B2B (business to business), others for B2C (business to consumer). Some do it better with visual content (e.g. YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest), others are better with the informational content (LinkedIn, Twitter).
Invest your time in a social network where target your audience is not, it is a wasteof time.
Which Social Media Platform Should you use To Build Your Online Business
 Many People Ask me The question of which social media platform is most efficient to build their online business… ? The answer is the one that has your potential clients The key of social media It gives you access to your clients almost anywhere in the world. If you going to build your business using social media Keep that in mind. You are not using social media because of you But you are using it because of them. The goal is expansion The more you can expand and reach those clients the more powerful it’s going to be for you… and the more rapidly you can build your business. Here are my 6 Favorite social Platforms I currently use to build my online business and brand :
2) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqasv-0PqhdHf8flkX61Qfg
3) http://instagram.com/carlosweqzr
4) Snapchat http://snapchat.com/
5) Twitter https://twitter.com/MagneticoVital
6) Google + https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/111631889916621149432
And I use them in that order above… So if you planing on building your business using social media I highly recommend you follow these tips…
The solution
Get a quick audit of social media and sees what social networks are getting maximum interaction with your content. Take a look at what social networks are sending more people back to your web site, where you will be able to convert them to customers or sales.
If you’re a photographer, for example, your time would be better invested in post photos on Instagram, instead of tweeting on Twitter. Instagram you can interact withother photographers and put together a collection of your best photographs.
The Vancouver Canucks diversify its content and publish only content that is appropriate for each platform. Extensive content such as a video behind the scenes with the players is published on Facebook, while the quick, short news updates are published on Instagram and Twitter.
You‘re forgetting of being SOCIAL
Ignore something key that makes that business lost time is the reason why they invented social networking social being.
Use social networks as a mere platform for dissemination is a lost opportunity to interact with your audience and a big reason why finding a return on investment positive is difficult.
Ask questions, create conversation and open discussions are important strategies that increase the reach of your content. More interaction, more will display content toyour followers (especially after algorithm changes). And while more audience reach,more opportunities there‘s turn in customers paying.
Casper, the mattresses company direct to the consumer, does a fantastic job in the interaction with their Twitter followers. Apart from collaborating with input from customers and respond to comments with funny gifs, make an effort to go beyond withentertaining social experiments.
Experiments such as LateNightSnapHacks.com, luring Snapchat friends making them think you went out partying instead of lying in your bed, is a new and exciting way to engage with their fans and attract more audience.
The solution
Remember to include calls to the action in your content. Ask that they share or comment to increase the longevity of your content. The comments and share directly affect the algorithms used to determine what so far will get your content.
A powerful way to interact with your audience is to run a contest on social networks.This encourages the active participation of the public in social networks.
To date, Wishpond has done more than 31,000 competitions of social networks andlearned which are still the number one way to interact with your audience of social networks and your followers become clients and sales leads for your business.
You are monitoring the wrong social networking metrics
For those who seek to make sales or generate leads using social networks, there areonly a few indicators that really matter: click rate, bounce rate and number of «shares» in social networks.
By which these metrics?
Through the control of these key indicators can be an estimate of what both a socialnetwork as a marketing tool, is helping you achieve a positive ROI.
Metrics as I like or the number of people who see what public, are very good at making you feel important, but do not contribute to the most important thing. If your goal is to make money through your efforts in social media, then you will want to focus on these metrics to get more traffic from your social channels to your property (your own website).
The solution
You focus your time and attention on improving the following high impact metrics:
Rate: gives you a clear picture of how much your public goal is contributing to the development of the content you post. Clicks in your content shows how many peoplewere sent directly to your web site. The higher the rate, the more you know that your content is interesting enough to be selected.
Bounce rate: the percentage of people who click on your content, that arrive at yourwebsite, and leave after viewing only one page. Gives you to know what your visitors are interested in your content and get to see what else can offer your website. A high percentage of rebound indicates that your visitors are not interested in whatyou‘re showing them and are not willing to stay to see more. Improve it by focusingon a clearer communication. To meet your expectations will be more willing to seewhat they are offering.
Share on social networks: is a metric that directly affects the scope of your content. It tells you if your content is interesting enough for the public to share it with their own networks. If you want to reach a wider audience, focus on having enough content valuable to share.
Summing it all up
Social networks can be a powerful tool if head you towards a more effective direction. If used incorrectly it can be a huge waste of time for a well intentioned marketer.
There are 4 reasons why your business is losing time in social networks:
You are in too many social networks
You are in the wrong social networks
You‘re forgetting of being SOCIAL
Are following metric of networks social wrong
How is social networks incorporating your business?
What is the greatest loss of time that you have experienced?
Join the conversion below and share your experiences with me!

4 reasons why your business is wasting time on social networks



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