InstaBuilder 2.0 Review

InstaBuilder 2.0 Rewier

InstaBuilder 2.0 Review

InstaBuilder lets you create beautiful, highly converting, marketing pages with huge functionality at the touch of a button, even if you have no technical expertise at all.

We combines the functionality of dozens of plugins in a ‘one stop’ solution that takes care of all your Internet Marketing needs.

We have hundred of templates that you can choose from. You have the ability to completely CUSTOMIZE the look and feel of your page… change any elements with just point, click, drag and drop.

Want to see InstaBuilder 2.0 in action? Watch This Demo Tour!

If Your Sales Funnel Isn’t Converting… This Is Probably Why

Hello Friends

Let’s talk sales funnels.

If you want to make money online, it all starts with the sales funnel.

From opt-in page to sales page to OTO to thank-you page.

Seems simple enough right?


Sales funnels that convert have:

• scarcity timers
• mobile responsive design
• double (and even triple) opt-ins
• AR integration
• expensive looking design
• CVO elements built right into their structure
• and much, much more..

Good sales funnels are well constructed and rely on ALL of the conversion tricks of the trade.

But how do you get something like that without having to shell out HUGE bucks for an overpriced copywriter, a snobby designer, and a flaky programmer?


You use InstaBuilder. 2.0

InstaBuilder 2.0 Review

InstaBuilder 2.0 | How To Create A Page Using InstaBuilder Template and Customize It

Imagine being able to create sales funnels with the click of you mouse that had ALL of that good stuff that I listed above… AND MORE!
Just think of what that could do for your business to have a REAL sales funnel (the same kind of sales funnel that the 7 figure marketers have).

Sounds great doesn’t it?

Well, you CAN have it all because 6000+ smart marketers ALREADY HAVE!

That’s right, InstaBuilder has already been proven by over 6000+ marketers just like you to be a valuable resource for creating huge profit windfalls for their business.

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Don’t waste time on this offer. The last time InstaBuilder was available to the public it was only open for purchase for 7 short days.

And that was two years ago.

Act now and start building high converting sales funnels from scratch!

To your success,

Juan Carlos Sanchez


InstaBuilder 2.0 Review

. It is so easy it feels like playing a video game. Sales funnel design for the golden age of mobile. More templates than the other guys and better looking too. You get to control every word. You get to make it how you want it. Mix and match makes designing even easier. Marketing technology is so powerful. It,s where future technology meets modern day marketing research. You can collect even more leads by simply asking questions. Lock your contents. get more leads. Make your pretty pictures even prettier . It,s the Holy Grail of Internet marketing packaged with the greatest page builder on the planet. Control visitor movements and get more leads. One click scarcity building, the easiest way to increase sales. get more shares with a better social sharing system.



InstaBuilder 2.0 Rewier



Lifetime Hosting Review

                        Lifetime Hosting Review

The last hosting payment you will ever make!

Hey,friends and #emprendedores

If you missed my earlier emails, just wanted to remind you…

Lifetime.Hosting 2 is NOW LIVE:

Lifetime.Hosting is a new concept in Hosting. Instead of
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And this amazing offer includes everything you need in a hosting package:

– Faster loading websites (better hardware, software & support)
– cPanel Control Panel
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And What’s New in Lifetime.Hosting 2:

– New Responsive Drag and Drop Website Builder to Ensure
100% Mobile Compatible Websites

– Double the free lifetime domain names (a $79.90 Value)

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Lifetime.Hosting is LITERALLY the last web hosting you will ever buy.

And now you can get two Lifetime Domain name included with any
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Lifetime Hosting Review

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Let’s face it, building a big list can be scary and overwhelming but let me tell you something most people miss…
TIMER FOR WEBSITE COUNTDOWN NOW YOU ARE ABLE TO SHOW AMAZING LOOKING The power of countdown timers to improve sales, conversions & revenue Has been long proven for millions of websites.., allowing YOU to; maximize your profits, I invite you to stay a moment in my web and continue reading ..

A countdown website invokes powerful emotions in the mind of your viewers. A countdown page helps motivate potential buyers into making a decision by triggering their fear of loss.

The fastest and easiest way to add a countdown timer to your WordPress pages and posts is to install the ClickBar WordPress countdown timer plugin.

ClickBar is a free WordPress plugin that adds a countdown timer call to action onto any WordPress page or post using a simple short code. You simply install the plugin, customize the date, banner color, call to action and target URL. The plugin does the rest.

Watch to see how fast and easy it is to create a countdown page:

The ClickBar plugin is 100% free to download and you may use it on any website. So even if you run multiple site for yourself or for clients, you’re free to use the countdown timer on all of them without any restrictions.

Remember too, that besides being able to quickly and easily edit the color of the banner on-the-fly (as I show in the video), you can also change any other setting as well. This includes the ending date, the call-to-action, the scarcity wording, and even the redirect URL.

For example, you can run a campaign to a specific targeted offer, and later change it to a different offer without needing to create another click bar or editing the page or post where it is running – everything can be controlled from the single ClickBar dashboard.

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Different Types of YouTube Ads

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9 Ways To Use Urgency Psychology To Improve Conversions

Hurry! Act now! Only a few items left! Contributor Neil Patel explains how these words and others tap into deep psychological motivations and drive conversions.

timer-stopwatch-ss-1920Sometimes, the best marketing moves are those rooted deep within human psychology. In fact, the greatest marketers are those who have the most in-depth knowledge of how the brain works.

One of the key features of the human brain involves urgency. In this article, I’m going to share how using this powerful principle can remarkably increase your conversions.

What Is The Urgency Principle?

Urgency is one of the most powerful aspects of human psychology. According to behavioral psychologists, urgent situations cause us to suspend deliberate thought and to act quickly.

Why Does Urgency Matter?

If you can create a stronger sense of urgency on your landing page or websites, then you can successfully spur people to do what you want them to do on your page (i.e., convert).

Urgency causes people to act quickly. Many of the problems that affect conversions are issues of cognitive friction — people think too hard, wait too long, or simply don’t respond to our calls-to-action. Raising the urgency level cuts through a lot of this delay to create a significant improvement to conversion rates.

How Do You Create Urgency?

The obvious question, then, is how do you create urgency?

There are specific tactics that we as marketers can do to raise the urgency level on a site. Here are some of my favorite.

1. Scarcity

Scarcity is one of the most powerful sources of urgent behavior. The scarcity bias states that when a person thinks that something is running out, they want it more.

In more precise terms, when an item is perceived as being scarce, its subjective value increases. Whether it’s a baseball card, an iPhone 6, an antique Model T, or some other thing, people want that item so much more, because there aren’t many left.

Scarcity can be created by the producer. If you create a product or service, you can intentionally limit the amount that you produce or deliver in order to raise demand. It’s as simple as that. If you say that you only have “four more left,” the desire for that resource will increase due to the fact that it is running out.

Here’s an example of this in an article published on Slate.


2. A Clock, Timer Or Countdown

In our modern industrialized world, the clock is the symbol of time. More specifically, it is the symbol of passing time. If you remind users that time is passing — that the clock is ticking — it raises the urgency level and compels action.'s Lightning Deals all feature countdowns and imply scarcity.’s Lightning Deals all feature countdowns and imply scarcity.

Movie thrillers use this technique to raise viewer anxiety throughout a plot. We as marketers can use it to raise anxiety and urgency, thus compelling users to respond to our call-to-action.

3. Difficulty

One counterintuitive way to increase urgency is to make it difficult for people to act. The theory of effort justification states that people value something greater if they worked for it harder.

Thus, if you had to work extremely hard to earn $50, you would value that $50 more than if someone simply walked up and handed you the money.

The same is true in the conversion funnel. If people have to work hard to take action, then their urgency level automatically goes up in order to overcome the difficulty and accomplish the objective.

4. Loss Aversion/Catastrophe

The National Geographic show “Doomsday Preppers” is a fascinating study in human psychology. It shows us people who are acting with incredible urgency.

What is causing such urgency? They have a belief that their lives will be in danger due to some huge calamity or catastrophic situation. They act on this belief, and they act quickly.

Loss aversion is the human tendency to avoid losing things (anything). In fact, the desire not to lose something is greater than the desire to gain something.

If your marketing pitch makes it seem as if the user is going to lose something by not responding, then you are triggering the loss aversion response. If you can warn them of the “catastrophic” results of not acting now, then they will be more likely to experience urgency and act promptly.

The loss doesn’t actually have to be life-alteringly awful. For example, here’s a marketing email I recently received.

image02As an email marketer, I know how important it is to create timely emails with great subject lines — so learning that my carefully-created emails are going to be “toast,” that’s like a small catastrophe in my world. I am more likely to respond.

5. Competition

People love a good competition. Competitive situations are prime opportunities to unleash the urgency instinct and get people to act. Online games or sharing contests easily provoke a sense of urgency in the participants.

6. Time-Related Words

There are plenty of words that that you can sprinkle throughout your copy to increase urgency:

  • Now
  • Fast
  • Quick
  • Hurry
  • Rapidly
  • Close
  • Approaching
  • Never
  • Seconds
  • Again
  • Over
  • Instant

Words like these cause the mind to think urgently about time, thus improving a person’s likelihood of converting.

Hurry! (On

Hurry! (On

7. Appeal To The Responsiveness Instinct

“Act now!” It’s one of the most often-repeated phrases in marketing literature.

In my opinion, it’s overused. It does, however, point to a very important urgency-inducing reality: If you tell people, “You’re a prompt and responsive person,” they will think “Yes. I am.” This subtle push towards urgency causes them to act quicker than they normally would.

The “early bird specials” offered by some restaurants or bars also cater to this tendency. People like to think of themselves as prompt and responsive. They act in a way that reinforces this belief.

8. Unpleasant Conditions Or Situations

The fact is, negativity increases click-throughs and response.

When a person finds themselves in a negative situation, they automatically respond with greater urgency. Even the reminder of a negative situation can kick the brain into urgent mode.

This principle is a parallel to the pain principle, which many conversion optimizers overlook. Anything unpleasant or negative about a marketing pitch is seen as a source of friction. In reality, however, it’s the negative feel or painful situation that creates urgency and compels action.

9. Pulling The Offer Away

One of the most effective urgency-inducers in sales is the takeaway. When you threaten to take an offer away, people are more likely to act in a hurry.

You can do this easily with a line like, “This is the last time we will be offering this class,” or “This webinar will not be recorded; Please sign up now.”


However you choose to implement the urgency principle, you’re virtually guaranteed to see some powerful results by using it. Urgency is something that people have a hard time responding to rationally, let alone cautiously. By compelling action right away, you gain an instant psychological upper hand.

How do you use urgency to improve your conversion rates?

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4 reasons why your business is wasting time on social networks

I love social networks as much as any other marketer. They Excel in the creation of brand recognition, spreading viral content, and creating conversation. But the socialmedia marketing is not just Sun and Rainbow for some companies.
I have seen companies that they invest too much time on social networks and get very little reward. There are business owners who invest hours in your socialchannels, instead of the areas in which stand out, and are wondering why you are not seeing a return on your investment.
You can’t spend all day on social media with a business to run! Luckily you can get quite a lot done on your social media channels in just 15 minutes a day.

Today most companies know that social networks are a necessary channel of marketing that deserves your attention. But what do not realize is the following: social network marketing can’t do it all. It is only a slice of the big cake of digital marketing.
You can show hundreds of brands that have obtained the success of a solid social media strategy (for example: teeth whitening, Detox teas) but social network marketing is not all in the marketing.
It can be difficult to determine where you will spend your time with social media marketing. Like all forms of marketing, there are areas that are high impact and othersthat are simply a waste of time.
If you are spending time on social networks and do not see a profit, I‘d like to sharewith you 4 reasons why your business is wasting time on social networks.
You are in too many social networks
How much social media is your business?
Many hours of your day of work have to invest in those channels?
If you don’t have a social network administrator on your computer while keeping everything under control, then it is time to turn down the amount. You are in too many social networks.
Let’s say that you started with a Twitter profile. You shared daily fun content, retuiteaste to clients and responded to comments. Everything was wind aft.
After you registered your business Facebook page. Doubled the amount of comments, content, and comments that you had to attend. Even so, you manejabas it with afew hours a day.
As the ambitious person you are, registered to an account on Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Snapchat-quadrupling effectively your social investment.
This resulted in Miss comments, requests ignored, and now only have time to publish content once a week.
The solution
I‘ll tell you once, a well maintained social network is better than poorly maintained5. If you’re trying to juggle 5 social networks, all will you begin to get out of hand.
With the algorithm changes recently announced on Facebook and Instagram favouring the updates of your friends and family, companies no longer have much scope as before. This means that now you must be even more time for the publication of content if you expect it to reach the homepage of your audience.
Take a look at what social networks are generating the largest number of customersor sales leads for your business, and gradually eliminated that only generate more work.
In each social network you will see the number of clicks you get per week/month.
To check which social network is sending the most traffic to your web site, do the following:
1. go to your Google Analytics and click “Purchase” > “All traffic” and then on theleft side “channels” tab.
2. There you can see which of your favorite digital channels for sending the most traffic to your web site.

3 click on “Social” to get a list of your main social channels.

A common misconception is that not being on all the social networks of the moment is a lost opportunity, but you‘d be doing damage to your business if represents it aprofile with no maintenance.
I recommend widely start with only a page on Facebook for your business. If you find it sustainable to respond to comments and publication of content, then add the second most popular social network to your niche. Want to cover too is a recipe fordisaster.
You are in the wrong social networks
Who is your public goal and in which social networks spend their time?
Know what social networking is your public goal is as much to be effective in networks. Not knowing it is a coup, blindly.
Some social networks are more suitable for B2B (business to business), others for B2C (business to consumer). Some do it better with visual content (e.g. YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest), others are better with the informational content (LinkedIn, Twitter).
Invest your time in a social network where target your audience is not, it is a wasteof time.
Which Social Media Platform Should you use To Build Your Online Business
 Many People Ask me The question of which social media platform is most efficient to build their online business… ? The answer is the one that has your potential clients The key of social media It gives you access to your clients almost anywhere in the world. If you going to build your business using social media Keep that in mind. You are not using social media because of you But you are using it because of them. The goal is expansion The more you can expand and reach those clients the more powerful it’s going to be for you… and the more rapidly you can build your business. Here are my 6 Favorite social Platforms I currently use to build my online business and brand :
4) Snapchat
5) Twitter
6) Google +
And I use them in that order above… So if you planing on building your business using social media I highly recommend you follow these tips…
The solution
Get a quick audit of social media and sees what social networks are getting maximum interaction with your content. Take a look at what social networks are sending more people back to your web site, where you will be able to convert them to customers or sales.
If you’re a photographer, for example, your time would be better invested in post photos on Instagram, instead of tweeting on Twitter. Instagram you can interact withother photographers and put together a collection of your best photographs.
The Vancouver Canucks diversify its content and publish only content that is appropriate for each platform. Extensive content such as a video behind the scenes with the players is published on Facebook, while the quick, short news updates are published on Instagram and Twitter.
You‘re forgetting of being SOCIAL
Ignore something key that makes that business lost time is the reason why they invented social networking social being.
Use social networks as a mere platform for dissemination is a lost opportunity to interact with your audience and a big reason why finding a return on investment positive is difficult.
Ask questions, create conversation and open discussions are important strategies that increase the reach of your content. More interaction, more will display content toyour followers (especially after algorithm changes). And while more audience reach,more opportunities there‘s turn in customers paying.
Casper, the mattresses company direct to the consumer, does a fantastic job in the interaction with their Twitter followers. Apart from collaborating with input from customers and respond to comments with funny gifs, make an effort to go beyond withentertaining social experiments.
Experiments such as, luring Snapchat friends making them think you went out partying instead of lying in your bed, is a new and exciting way to engage with their fans and attract more audience.
The solution
Remember to include calls to the action in your content. Ask that they share or comment to increase the longevity of your content. The comments and share directly affect the algorithms used to determine what so far will get your content.
A powerful way to interact with your audience is to run a contest on social networks.This encourages the active participation of the public in social networks.
To date, Wishpond has done more than 31,000 competitions of social networks andlearned which are still the number one way to interact with your audience of social networks and your followers become clients and sales leads for your business.
You are monitoring the wrong social networking metrics
For those who seek to make sales or generate leads using social networks, there areonly a few indicators that really matter: click rate, bounce rate and number of “shares” in social networks.
By which these metrics?
Through the control of these key indicators can be an estimate of what both a socialnetwork as a marketing tool, is helping you achieve a positive ROI.
Metrics as I like or the number of people who see what public, are very good at making you feel important, but do not contribute to the most important thing. If your goal is to make money through your efforts in social media, then you will want to focus on these metrics to get more traffic from your social channels to your property (your own website).
The solution
You focus your time and attention on improving the following high impact metrics:
Rate: gives you a clear picture of how much your public goal is contributing to the development of the content you post. Clicks in your content shows how many peoplewere sent directly to your web site. The higher the rate, the more you know that your content is interesting enough to be selected.
Bounce rate: the percentage of people who click on your content, that arrive at yourwebsite, and leave after viewing only one page. Gives you to know what your visitors are interested in your content and get to see what else can offer your website. A high percentage of rebound indicates that your visitors are not interested in whatyou‘re showing them and are not willing to stay to see more. Improve it by focusingon a clearer communication. To meet your expectations will be more willing to seewhat they are offering.
Share on social networks: is a metric that directly affects the scope of your content. It tells you if your content is interesting enough for the public to share it with their own networks. If you want to reach a wider audience, focus on having enough content valuable to share.
Summing it all up
Social networks can be a powerful tool if head you towards a more effective direction. If used incorrectly it can be a huge waste of time for a well intentioned marketer.
There are 4 reasons why your business is losing time in social networks:
You are in too many social networks
You are in the wrong social networks
You‘re forgetting of being SOCIAL
Are following metric of networks social wrong
How is social networks incorporating your business?
What is the greatest loss of time that you have experienced?
Join the conversion below and share your experiences with me!

4 reasons why your business is wasting time on social networks


13 pasos para tener blogs exitosos

Los blogs pueden ser una herramienta muy comercial y muy rentable si se usa correctamente. Beneficiándose de los blogs es sólo una cuestión de acaparamiento de la atención de una audiencia y de darles un contenido de valor que les aporte algún consejo u solución a un problema o duda que tenga tus visitas.. haciendo de tu blog un referente a cualquier audiencia,y esta se convierta en suscriptores cualificados reales que te puedan generar  ventas. En este artículo usted aprenderá los 13 pasos más esenciales para hacer blogging exitoso.

1) ¿Dónde comenzar?

Usted si no tiene mucha experiencia debe comenzar su blog con un blog gratis hosting servicio como en y blogger,com. No lo digo porque yo soy el dueño,y es mas siempre es mejor tener tu blog en propiedad,porque a parte de ser mas profesional,tu eres realmente el dueño,caso que en los otros gratuitos,nunca lo seras y tienes el riesgo que cuando incumplas alguna de sus normas..Sencillamente te eliminan sin previo aviso.. Pero bueno, hay que reconocer que una serie de blog gratis es muy gratificante para un nuevo blog. A partir de un blog gratuito, servicio de hosting le permite comenzar blogs al instante sin tener ningún conocimiento previo de scripts, hosting o programación. Le permite construir una audiencia y buzz para tu blog. Le permite centrarse en su contenido y no el mantenimiento interno del blog. La mejor ventaja de comenzar con un servicio gratuito, es en el caso de tu blog no tener éxito no pierdes tu dinero o se quedan con el proyecto de ley. Lo bueno de un blog es que se organizan en orden cronológico, su entrada más reciente aparece primero. Cuando el tráfico de tu blog crece mucho y estás listo para actualizar a su propio dominio y alojador(hosting) entonces usted puede simplemente hacer su última entrada de blog el anuncio de su “movimiento”. Simplemente añadir una última entrada indicando que su blog se ha “movido” y escriba la nueva dirección de blog. Que dirige a visitantes a su nuevo sitio de blog , manteniendo su siguiente flujo de visitas, sin crear un importante inconveniente a nadie. Actualizar es conveniente,si lo necesitas… pero sólo cuando realmente se necesita!

2) Nicho

Un nicho es un producto dirigido, servicio o tema. Primero debe decidir sobre un producto, servicio o tema que le interesa. Elija un área que puede escribir con entusiasmo sobre un diario. Puede utilizar los servicios de investigación de palabras clave como Google Zeitgeist o búsquedas en Yahoo! Buzz Index para encontrar populares temas. No importa si su tema es popular como hay una audiencia para el tema y el tema se centra precisamente entonces tu blog debería ser exitoso. Nada se puede considerar un nicho como tiene un público objetivo no importa cómo es grande o es pequeño la audiencia. Un blog acerca de su gato puede ser un nicho o un blog sobre las especies de la familia de gato puede ser un nicho de mercado más grande, si hay gente que está interesada en escuchar acerca de su gato o las especies de la familia del gato, entonces tienes un nicho… incluso puede construir su audiencia para un mercado que no existe una audiencia , pero primero debe construir su blog…Un consejo de amigo,trate que ese nicho sea un tema que domine o le apasione..Sin duda esto le ayudara muchísimo hacia su éxito!!


3) Actualización diaria (nada menos)


Este paso es una necesidad y no una sugerencia. Actualizar tu blog todos los días no sólo mantiene tu blog más interesante para los lectores, pero también da su blog contenido fresco en un día a día lo que es más atractivo para los buscadores. No actualizar el blog en vacaciones ocasional o un día es comprensible a la mayoría, pero faltan días en un tiempo o semanas es inaceptable y será probablemente tener un  resultado negativo en tu blog siendo un  fracaso. Para mantener el tráfico de tu blog y retener el interés de los visitantes es necesario para actualizar tu blog todos los días con entradas múltiples. Sin embargo, estoy viendo una tendencia creciente de blogs exitosos que no actualiza diariamente, pero son exitosos y tienen un público estable que continuar visitando su blog diariamente. Cueste lo que cueste, estos blogs todavía se actualizan cada semana con entradas múltiples. Hasta que tenga un público constante deberías probar a actualizar tu blog todos los días con las entradas por lo menos 3 o más diarias. La mejor manera de lograrlo es dejar a un lado 1-2 horas al día para cuidar tu blog y agregar nuevas entradas. Incluso puede ser aconsejable programar un tiempo que le dedicas a tu blog cada día. Dése las horas de trabajo y tratar tu blog como un trabajo,y tomate en serio lo de construir un blog,o simplemente no pierdas tu tiempo… qué pasa en tu trabajo normal si no vienes a trabajar por días o semanas… pierdes dinero o lo que es peor,puedes ser despedido! Ahora Mismo este ejemplo se aplica aquí… Si no actualizas tu blog durante días o semanas perderás los visitantes..Y lo peor de todo que google no te posicionara!!


4) Tráfico


No es ningún secreto. Debe tener tráfico de blogs. Hay numerosas formas de construir tráfico. Publicidad pagada, publicidad gratis, marketing viral, marketing en motores de búsqueda, feeds RSS/XML y de boca en boca. Siempre debe usar su dirección de URL del blog en la firma de su correo electrónico, discusiones del foro, tableros de mensajes o cualquier otro medio de comunicación. Usted debe someter su dirección de blog para motores de búsqueda, directorios de blog. Usted debe enviar su URL de RSS/XML para servicios de ping blog como Technorati, Ping-O-Matic y Blogdigger. Con Confianza debe compartir tu blog con familia, amigos, compañeros, asociados y profesionales de negocios cuando se trata de. Muchos blogs se puede considerar como una colección de artículos,para ello deben someter sus entradas en el blog (los que son largos y valiosos artículos) al contenido sindicadores de como ahorrar . Una vez presentados sus artículos pueden ser recogidos y publicados por otros. El truco es Asegúrese de que incluir su dirección de URL del Blog en el paso “Sobre el autor”. Lo que esto hace es crear popularidad y backlinks para tu blog, cuando alguien recoge su artículo de la sindicación y luego publicar el artículo en su página web el paso “Sobre el autor” se incluye en cada publicación el enlace que sigue, rastreada e indexadas por motores de búsqueda. Imagina si tu artículo es suficientemente popular o controvertido para producir 10.000 publicaciones a través de la web. Los motores de búsqueda está limitado para encontrar tu blog en ningún momento con tantas publicaciones y crédito usted una autoridad en el tema, en cambio aumento su rango en los motores de búsqueda. El pequeño esfuerzo de escribir un artículo bien escrito es gratificante. Debe intentar escribir al menos 1 artículo de longitud completa cada semana para sindicación y someter su artículo a por lo menos 10 sindicadores de artículo…Y como se consigue esto?..Pues tomando acción y empezar a escribir,porque es genial tener muchas ideas en la mente,pero si no trabajas simplemente se queda en eso en ideas o pensamientos..Date cuenta que un blog se mantiene de escritos(buenos contenidos de calidad)

5)Conoce la pista de tu Blog

¿Cómo sabes si tu blog tiene un tráfico? Sólo porque nadie deja comentarios no significa que tu blog no está creciendo. Muchos visitantes no dejan comentarios pero vuelven los visitantes. que suena loco pero con los blogs de la gente está más interesada en lo “que” tiene que decir! Muchos visitantes no comentar su , o vez. Algunos no comentar nada, pero son activos visitantes diarios.
Seguimiento de tu blog no tiene que ser excesivamente sofisticados generalmente un contador simple pagina gratis como o metro activo hará el truco. Instalar plantilla (copiar/pegar) el código en el html de tu blog y empezar hacer de tus visitas un seguimiento. Es mejor utilizar un servicio que te ofrece un avanzado análisis de tráfico, como palabra clave de rastreo información, información de referencia y motor de búsqueda de información sobre. Visitantes, regreso de visitantes únicos y visitantes deben ser estándar para cualquier servicio de contador de página que elija.

El SEO un paso mas,hacia el éxito de tu blog

Es de vital importancia buscar la construcción de una fuerte red de enlaces. La generación de enlaces de alta calidad, en sitios realmente importantesy mas buscados en la red, le dice claramente a Google que el contenido de tu blog es muy interesante, útil y aporta contenido de valor; por lo tanto, es muy importante como parte de tus esfuerzos de SEO.

A continuación te doy unos consejos  valiosos:

  • Siempre Escribe buen contenido citando fuentes, marcas y referencias, que será compartido y atraerá enlaces de manera natural.
  • Ofrece redactar como invitado para otros blogs relevantes y con autoridad para establecer vínculos entrantes.donde debe imperar el contenido de calidad(por supuesto)
  • Invita a otros bloggers de prestigio como invitados de honor en tu blog, siendo muy exigente con la calidad de los bloggers y contenidos que eliges.
  • Evita enlaces de directorios a menos que estés seguro de su credibilidad, ya que en general no son una vía efectiva de enlaces entrantes.
  • Publica tu contenido a través de plataformas de redes sociales y motiva a tus seguidores a que hagan lo mismo.
  • Evita enlaces artificiales  o sospechosos, que pueden incluir:
    • Enlaces de texto pagados que usan textos exactos traducidos del ingles(Todo un clásico)
    • Spam en comentarios en blogs y vocabulario soez y de mala educación
    • Artículos invitados en sitios cuestionables o de dudosa reputación
    • Enlaces desde sitios peligrosos,que pueden contener virus,o malas intenciones(Robo de identidad)

SEO y Copywriting: La combinación perfecta para vender más

6) Escuchar a su audiencia

Cuando se utiliza el contador de página adecuada que usted debe comenzar a ver cómo otros están encontrando tu blog y si a través de motores de búsqueda luego que palabras clave se utilizan para encontrar tu blog. Si constantemente tu blog se encuentra 1 o más palabras clave centrará su blog alrededor de esas palabras para hacerlo aún más poderoso. Al escribir entradas y títulos de entrada utilizan las palabras clave tan a menudo como sea posible manteniendo el blog legible e interesante.

7) varios blogs

Utilizar múltiples cuentas de blogs (gratis) para atraer a más gente. Esto significa que debe tener mas de un blog con un nicho o tema especializado y que todos enlacen a tu blog principal(El profesional). El blog cuantas más cuentas mejor (Asegúrese de leer y adherirse a los términos de servicio para cada sitio). Usted puede copiar/pegar del 1 blog a todos los demás. Tener blogs con cuentas diferentes es como tener u